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Hydrates and smoothes dog noses for a healthy, happy pup!


Squishface Nose Balm is a natural solution for itchy, dry, scaly, or crusty dog noses. This nose butter for dogs nourishes your pup's delicate sniffer and helps soften, soothe, and protect against painful dry cracked snouts, skin overgrowth, and hyperkeratosis.


How Does it Work?

Squishface Nose Balm relies on calming shea butter and oat kernel oil, which are naturally nourishing, anti-inflammatory oils that moisturize and strengthen the skin’s barrier. It’s made with a limited ingredient list with no fragrances, essential oils, or other common irritants so it’s super safe for any dog/dog breed. It’s the perfect dry nose remedy for your dog.

What Can Nose Balm Help?

Squishface Nose Balm can be used for dry, cracked, split, or bleeding dog noses, Nasal Hyperkeratosis (excessive thickening of the skin), painful dry snouts, bumps on dogs' noses, chapped, windburned or sunburned nose and skin, and more!


Nose Balm

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